The Mighty Bulletbus!: 無敵のブリットバス!

Tales from the road and hymns from the highway.
Behind the Iron wheels…


We bought the bus after the release of our first fullength album “Heading for the top”.
To buy a van wasn’t enough, the album was called “Heading for the top”. So there was no option,
let´s buy a bus! Even if we didn’t have any money we would make it happen anyway.

俺たちは、ファースト・アルバム『Heading for the Top』をリリースした後、このバスを買った。バンではダメだった。アルバムのタイトルは『Heading for the Top』だったからね。他にチョイスはなかったよ。バスを買おう!お金がなくても、何としても買うつもりだった。

At first we were checking out the local coverband Zebra Kings that was about to sell their bus. It was a Scania bus from 1958. But it was a bit too expensive for us and the steering wheel was on the right side. We wanted a bus that had the round look and a bigger engine and the steering wheels on the left side but it was not so easy to find.


A man from the local pizzeria in Växjö was collecting Vespa and Lambretta. He contacted me cause my father had an Vespa Grand Sport from 1964 he wanted to take a look at. We began to talk about buses and this man was a great detective and contacted people all over Sweden to see if they wanted to sell bikes and cars. A week later he called me and said that he found the perfect bus for us. A Volvo B63508 from 1964, only 120km away in a small town called Alstermo.
Some days later we went there.

地元のピザ屋で働いているVespaやLambrettaを集めている奴がいてね。俺の父親が所有している1964年のVespa Grand Sportを見たいとコンタクトしてきた。バスのことを伝えると、スウェーデン中の、バイクや車を売りたがっている人にコンタクトをしてくれた。一週間後電話がかかってきて、完璧なバスを見つけたと。1964年のVolvo B63508が、わずか120km離れた小さな町、アルステルモにあるという。数日後、俺たちはそこに行ってみた。

It was grey and had been standing in the forest for 10 years. It had been used for transporting cars for racing. I think it was made for 2 cars. He told us that it had been a postbus in northern Sweden for its first 20 years. No salt is used on the roads in northern Sweden so that’s probably the reason why it has survived. After that it was supposed to be used by a Swedish danceband but I haven’t found any info about that.


The inside was all gone and it looked like a rolling garbage dump. But the engine worked well.
We bought it for 10000sek (about 1000 euros). The trip home was a nightmare thou. It was in the winter and it was -10 degrees and no heat in the bus. Of course no insurance or carinspection had been made. After some miles the bus stopped in the middle of the road and it was getting dark. We called the seller and he said he never had any problems before and told us to clean the filters for the diesel. After some hours we managed to drive the bus home, hungry and cold but happy anyway.


But the feeling of “what have we done now” was big. I didn’t look at the bus for about a month after that trip. I had to build up my selfconfidence to start the renovation cause none of us had any experience of old buses before.


(White tires the cheap way)

(The Zebra bar to the left, no one wanted to stand behind it)

(Before smartphones)

Many hours was spent thinking about how the interior should be. We began to welding the backpart to get it ready for the upcoming wall of marshalls. A new floor and 4 beds was made. And of course a big bar and sofas. A whole gang helped us out with painting the bus black white and red. And the guy that was printing stickers for us gave us these mega big logo stickers to put on the side of the bus.


We were ready to take on the world!


Bite the Bullet

Around this period we began the recording of the Bite the Bullet album which became our breakthrough album and we toured heavily the years after this album release.

We thought the bus was really big cause its 11,5 meters long, but when we we opened up for Ac/dc in Sweden for 50000 people they had like 60 big trailers and buses and our bus suddenly looked like a small van.

We had always let people into the bus and when we played at Headbangers Open air in Germany we we´re not allowed to use pyro on stage so we fired them from the busroof when we entered the festival. That made a huge impact on the festival crowd. 10 minutes later the bus was full of people we never met before but they kind of felt like it was their bus too hahaha.

その頃、俺たちがブレークするきっかけとなるアルバム『Bite the Bullet』のレコーディングを始めた。このアルバムのリリース後、俺たちはツアーをやりまくった。

We toured so much during these years. A normal weekend was like shows on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Going home on Sunday and sober up. Monday and Thursday repair the bus and then repeat cycle.


(At Rock Hard festival, think it was Lenny Blades last concert with the band)

(Hell bent for Leather)

After a year or so we found out we needed more than just 4 beds so we built 2 more beds and destroyed the bar cause it only took space and we always throw garbage behind it.


But this version of interior didn’t last for long. The 2 beds stole too much of the party era so we rebuilded the interior with 6 beds in the back and bigger sofas to get bigger partys. If you into Rock n roll or Heavy Metal and live around Sweden you have probably been in the bus. At the releaseparty for the Full Pull album there was so many people in the bus so you couldn’t get in or out. Must have been about 60 headbangers inside.

だけど、この内装は長続きしなかった。2つのベッドがパーティ用のスペースを奪ってしまったので、ベッドを6つともっと大きなソファーを後部に移した。スウェーデン近辺でロックやヘヴィメタルのファンをやっているなら、このバスに乗ったことがあるはずさ。『Full Pull』のリリース・パーティでは、人が集まりすぎてバスに乗り降りできないほどだった。60人ほどのヘッドバンガー達が、バスの中にいたはず。

(Beer is much cheaper in Germany so we bought some with us on the way home)

(Snickardanne our legendary busdriver. He has a lot of life-experience)

(Street art in Malmö)

In 2011 Accept and manager Gaby Hauke was in the bus and signed the Accept posters. They seemed to very happy. Mark was headbanging to Judas Priest and drank beer with Tyrant. Wolf told me to take it easy with the whiskey cause he said he didn’t do it in the 80s hahaha.


Theres so many fun stories from the bus, but this one is one of the worst…


When we should play in Wacken back in 2013. The sun was shining and the bus worked perfect and we were only 300 meters from the stage when we met a policecar that was holding up his hand and doing the metalsign. The next policecar we met our driver pushed the horn and did the metalsign. That wasn’t a good thing to do. That cop hated the metallifestyle. He pulled us over and said that were not allowed to drive this old junk in Germany.
We said that were in the EU and it should be the same rules in Sweden as in Germany. He just laughed Sweden puh!


We played at 03.30 in the night just after Uli Jon Roth and we had a gig in Sweden the day after so we had to keep on going. We got a trailer taking the bus to the danish border and we drove from there. We had to pay the trailer and the police about 2000 euros, our beloved fanclub Bullet Bastards paid the tickets and transport for us. Thanks a million times!!! We wrote about it on facebook and it just spread and we made it to the biggest newspaper in Sweden. At least something good came out of it. When we stopped at the gas-station in Sweden everybody laughed and said we thought you we´re stucked in Germany.


We played in Norway some years before, Lemmy was walking just outside the bus. Hell Hofer said:
-Lock the bus! No punks in here hahaha.
On the way home there was a dangerous experience when the belt for the compressor that is running the brakes broke down. On modern buses the brakes attack if this happens but on the old ones you don’t have any breakes at all. Snickardanne managed to stop it anyway and after some hours we could be rolling home again. We´re happy to be alive!!!

ブレーキ用のベルトが切れたのは危険な経験だった。最近のバスではそうなってもブレーキが効くけれど、古いやつはまったくブレーキが効かなくなるんだ。Snickardanne が何とかバスを止め、数時間後また家に向けて出発することができた。生きていて良かったよ!!

Usually it’s a battle every year to get it thru the carinspection but now its forever free cause the new rules in Sweden makes vihicles older than 50 years free from inspections. Some presents always help too.


The frontcover of the Dust to Gold album was originally ment to be at the backside of the album but we liked it so much so we put it on the cover.

『Dust to Gold』のフロントカバーは、もともと裏ジャケに使われる予定だったのだけど、あまりに気に入ったからカバーに使ったんだ。

(Crazy german fan tattoo)

(Loading the bus for another show)

(Dont look back)

Nowadays she´s a bit dirty but still rollin smooth. For me it´s not just only a vehicle it’s a symbol of freedom and the eternal young happy wildlife. When you´r on the way to a show with a beer in your hand it´s one of the best feelings.


When I die I want my ashes to be spread on the floor of the Bulletbus. And I want Hell Hofer to clean them up. HAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahah. Cherrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssss!!!


PS. All japanese fans is welcome to visit us and stay in the bus as long as you want…


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